Present your brand to retailers at Supply & Buy on Wednesday 20 June, 2018 in central London

Bringing great brands & buyers together

Supply & Buy combines many of the benefits of a normal trade show with a precisely targeted ‘meet the buyer’ event. The relaxed atmosphere facilitates meaningful discussions with further sales meetings and even product orders negotiated on the day.

The dual purpose of the annual event is to help brands develop their retail coverage in the UK, while providing an informal but focussed business environment for buyers to meet potential new suppliers.

Companies that take part either represent multiple brands and often already have very well established businesses, while others can be sole brand owners who have only limited, or even no current distribution. All exhibitors though are selected for their commercial potential.

The beauty event is open to skincare, cosmetics, nails, toiletries, health-tech, accessories, hair, bath & body, fragrance, tools and accessories.

Whether you are a brand owner or retail buyer this exclusive event represents a fantastic opportunity to network and is an unmissable chance to develop your business.