ROOT2TIP-LOGOROOT2TiP- provide innovative Premium Quality affordable natural hair care solutions to the everyday problems people with Dry, Frizzy, Curly/Afro hair or scalp conditions deal with on a daily basis when managing their hair.

When London born Sal Wynter-Baxter could find no solution to her hair-loss and flaky scalp issue, she researched for three years into the benefits of natural ingredients and became a self –taught innovative cosmetic expert.

Sal would literally eat, sleep and breathe hair and how to ensure the health of it using natural ingredients, plant oils and herbal extracts!

ROOT2TiP provide unique natural hair care products made with genuine ‘hair obsessed’ passion and love.  Whether you are a straight haired mum to a child with frizzy curly hair, or someone with a recurring flaky scalp condition- ROOT2TiP have a natural solution tailored for you.

Root2Tip are a unique brand that not only caters to the whole family crafting amazing naturally derived  products that are as effective as they are hair saviours, but they are also leaders in the natural haircare industry.  Sal’s original objective was to formulate products that appeal directly to the modern-day multi-cultural society, and this goal has been excelled.

There is something for everyone in the ROOT2TiP range as they strive to define, help manage and beautify hair irrespective of the texture.

Company founder Sal has taken a fresh approach to the beauty industry as her products are now sold across Europe with many items becoming life-long staples in many a family bathroom From London to Paris.

Some of the brand’s leading products include:

Protein Balance Elasticity Retention Hair Masque Conditioner

Stimulate and Cleanse SLS Free Hair ShampooDry Scalp Hair Growth OilQuench Anti-breakage Moisture Crème

Protein Balance Elasticity Retention Hair Masque Conditioner: An amazing treatment created with a trio of strengthening protein extracts, henna, silk and wheat.

Stimulate and Cleanse SLS Free Hair Shampoo: moisture balanced and crafted for dry frizzy curly hair types. Mild enough for daily usage, the blend of aloe, ginger and plant proteins, will cleanse an oily scalp without stripping your hair.

Dry Scalp Hair Growth Oil: 100% natural and formulated especially for a dry itchy scalp, slow hair growth, thinning hair and dandruff. If you have eczema or psoriasis this is for you! This miracle oil will re-balance the moisture levels on your scalp after just one use, delivering essential scalp nourishment where needed. With continual usage, your hair has the perfect environment to grow at its optimum level healthier and stronger.

Quench Anti-breakage Moisture Crème: If you have naturally curly hair, this gorgeous light but rich crème, will define your curls, provide moisture and eliminate frizz. Afro and curly hair types will experience silky soft hair with the use of this moisture crème, made with natural ingredients including red palm oil, coconut milk and castor-bean oil. Great for all hair textures and brilliant on dry-ends!

The Current Product Range:

  • Protein Balance (Elasticity retention) Hair masque
  • Stimulate & Cleanse ‘SLS Free’ Shampoo
  • Honey-Rain Juice (Leave-I Conditioner/Detangler)
  • Triple M Milk (Miracle Moisture Milk) Hair Moisturiser
  • Quench Moisture Cream (Anti-breakage formula)
  • Twist and Curls Natural Styling Pudding
  • Grow-it-long Scalp Serum 100% Natural
  • The Super-Growth ROOT Energizer – (100% Natural)
  • Comb-out Cowash conditioner (Daily use or Deep treatment conditioner)
Kids Products:

  • Vanilla-Sun Twurly Hair Butter
  • Heaven’s Hair Milk – Light hydrating crème
  • KCK Honey rain Juice – leave-in conditioner/detangle
  • The Happy Hair Kit
  • Curly kids Citrus-Sky Cooler2Cowash


allinone_nologo-(1)Sales Enquiries to Sal Wynter-Baxter, Founder
Tel: +44 7432 605460
Twitter: @root2tip